Welcome to JADE shop, a space crafted by founder Hanne Tournel and partner Geoffrey Brusatto with their own hands and hearts. From the layout to the decor, they poured their passion into creating an environment that feels just right. We invite you to explore and experience the essence of the JADE universe, where every element tells a story of the founder’s creativity and dedication.

Nestled in a small provincial town of east Belgium JADE shop is a haven of light and space and the ambiance exudes both coziness and creativity. A space to discover and to get inspired. A place where you’re always welcome and where you can feel at home.

Step into an ever-evolving scenery of curated and/or meticulously designed elements. From the custom-made ceramic door handle, modular displays to the organic fitting rooms… every corner, every detail reflects the JADE universe and style.

Come and say hi and immerse yourself in our curated selection of goods. We love to have you around…